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The 63 Ngwee Mask
The 63 Ngwee Mask

We have Hawkers selling cloth masks for k10 in the streets. We have surgical masks for up to k25 on the market too. Now between the two, we all know that the surgical mask offers more protection. However not everyone has a k300 to ensure their face mask game is on point.

When given the choice between a basic face mask and a N95/surgical mask when price is no factor. The N95 wins on all grounds.

We present you today a cloth mask with anit-microbial properties allowing for N95 level of protection for up to 50 washes of use. On special offer for only k32, that comes down to 63 ngwee a day for the 50 days.
So grab your mask today and stay safe the best way you can.
Call now and secure your stocks!!

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