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About Us

To some, SAFETY is a BUSINESS.  To us SAFETY is a PASSION……. and a science.  Having been in the safety field since 1978 our founder has grown to be a serious authority on matters of safety and it is this experience and passion that has motivated the evolution of the cRu brand.

A lot of safety shoes are made to just perform one function ……… protect.  The cRu brand safety footwear goes further than that.  It is comfortable, fashionable, light and economical.  Most importantly for Africa, it is economical.  A lot of thought and detail has gone into the design making it a shoe that can be worn for all occasions.

With cRu technology and the decision to move away from the traditional metallic steel toe caps and midsoles to a Kevlar® concept and the integration of a reflective strip on all the Hi models we have embraced a newer technology and a safer appeal for the benefit of all the major industries. Our footwear is designed to keep damp out and to remain as hygienic as possible for the user.

Our other strength is the ability and adaptability to manufacture a shoe to our customers’ design and specification should the guaranteed off-take meet our threshold.  This makes us Africa’s most versatile supplier of safety footwear.

cRu brand is owned by Vintage Products Limited. Ours is a mission to develop modern products with far reaching economic benefits while guarantee complete Safety, Comfort, Appeal, Reliability and Economy.

Our promise is to exceed all your expectations.

We invite you to sit back and enjoy our product offering on this site.  We look forward to servicing your needs.



Plot 769 Nile Road, Riverside

Phone: +260 212 271 756/7

Cell: +260966900703



Plot 7128 Zambezi Road off Katima Mulilo Road

Phone: +260211 291 156



Plot SL 10095 Kansanshi Road

Cell: +260950 000 248

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